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Global ecological layout

Many countries have set up local trading service centers
Build a multi business form as one of the blockchain ecosystem

Contract transaction

Multi currency support, high liquidity
High performance contract trading

Financial security system

Multi tier and multi cluster system architecture
Safe and stable operation for more than 3 years

Professional customer service

24h online customer service for millions of users
Timely response to user questions

World class blockchain asset trading platform

CANG LIMITED exchange is a digital asset trading platform founded by the senior quantitative trading team of Wall Street, Japan and Europe through the decentralized group. It is committed to providing secure, fast and comfortable cryptocurrency trading services for global digital currency enthusiasts. Build a blockchain industry ecosystem with blockchain basic services as the core, integrating technology research and development, industrial research, open platform, investment, information, etc.

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Safe, professional and convenient

safety first

In every decision we make, security is always the top priority. We use multi-layer protection and the most reliable and effective security technology to ensure your financial security.

A strong deal

We use the world's most advanced fifth generation trading software to ensure that orders are executed in real time.